How to use Agile Results in Trello with Planyway

One of the core practices for J.D. Meier’s Agile Results technique is the “Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes to the Friday Reflection”.

Here is the simple way of making this happen with Planyway extension for Trello:

1. On Monday, determine your 3 winning cards that you want from the week. Place these 3 cards in the Saturday all-day section, as seen below and this allows you to keep them in sight all week long.

2. Now for each day, identify the 3 wins you want for those days. Put these cards in the all-day section and give them a special label.

3. At the end of the week on Friday, Turn on the Archive cards or show completed cards in the View menu to see what you have or have not completed for the week. With easy, you can identify the three things that went well, and the three things you need to improve on.

Planyway a simple solution for the agile way.

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