Members and Tooltips

We’re happy to announce two highly requested features – Members and Tooltips. Moreover, we’ve made Help and Public Roadmap board.


Now you can see members on the card. If there is only one member, you will see his avatar and if there is more than one – you will see a group icon. This will help you to visually understand who’s doing what and when in your team.


Tooltips allow you to quickly overview the card information by hovering the mouse over the card. You will see the full name, labels, members and board name of the card.

Public Roadmap

We need your help to make Planyway the best scheduling tool for you. So we’ve made a Public Roadmap. Please suggest new ideas and features and vote what should happen next in Planyway.

Moreover, you can share how you use Planyway and see and discuss how other people use it for different and similar reasons.

Here’s our Public Roadmap.

Help / FAQ

Looking for support or have a simple question when using Planyway?

Browse through our Help section where you can find answers to frequently asked questions and information about Planyway features.

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