Planyway Calendar Power-Up everything you need from a Calendar in Trello

We are excited about launching Planyway Calendar Power-Up for Trello. Built automatically from your cards, Planyway Calendar organizes your Trello cards into an easy to use calendar view to help you and your team keep track of tasks, milestones and deadlines.

Planyway Calendar gives you full value, it’s simple and powerful so let’s get started. Enable Planyway Calendar from the Power-Ups list and then on the top panel of your Trello you will notice a new button called “Planyway Calendar”, click on it to popup your calendar view.

Viewing the calendar

Your cards that already have due date automatically appear in the calendar and you will see them as one hour events. You can switch between “Day”, “3-day”, “Work week”, “Week” and “Month” views.

Cards with labels keep the same color as they first did (or white color with all labels on the top if you choose the “light theme” in the options).
Set up your working week and hours in settings as best fits you. In the View menu select “work week” and “show work hours only” or other options to optimize your calendar workspace.

Drag & drop to change due dates

Change a task’s due date from the Calendar by dragging and dropping it to another day and time. You can also drag and drop them to the all-day section and back.

Multiboard View

When you enable the board filter you can choose which of them you want to show on your calendar. This option allow you and your team to effectively plan your time across all boards.

Shows archived and completed

See what you’ve completed by enabling ”Archived cards” in the View menu. Completed cards will automatically shown as strikethrough.


Use the same shortcuts as in Trello when your mouse is over the Planyway card:

  • “c” will archive a card
  • “space” will add or remove you from the number of participants in the card
  • “s” will sign or unsubscribe you from the card
  • “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0” will add labels

Trello with Planyway allows you and your team to plan time better and meet deadlines. When you know where your time has gone you’ll know where it will go. Trello + Planyway , is a powerful calendar that is simple and logical for any team and takes Trello to the next level.

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