Team Timeline and Calendar Sync

We’ve made two significant features in Planyway for you.

Team Timeline

Introducing the new visualized resource management tool for team and project planning. It is one of the most convenient ways to visually distribute tasks among your team according to the projects schedules.

For the Team version of Planyway that is in Beta this is the main feature and to start using it just select “Team Timeline” in the bottom left corner of the calendar.

Team Timeline helps you know who’s doing what and when, in your team, what tasks have been finished and how much time your team has to meet their commitments.

You can use the multiboard view to see the full picture of your team capacity. Members filter and the scale buttons will help you to adjust your timeline to get the most convenient view.

Calendar Sync

Now you are able to publish your schedule in Planyway to external calendar programs.

As you update your dates and time in Planyway, your external calendar will refresh to show your most recent updates.

To start using Calendar Sync simply click “Calendars” -> “Export iCal feed” and copy your iCal link. Now with this link you can connect Planyway to your third party calendars with easy.

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