Deadlines, Google Calendar colors, and trial period extension

We’ve added a couple of awesome features to Planyway, and we have an update on your trial period extension.

Due dates as deadlines

It’s happened! We’ve added the option of using Due dates without reference to the date and time in the calendar.

For example, you can use due dates as deadlines for your tasks and plan them before their deadlines in the calendar. If you miss a deadline, the task due date is highlighted in red (as usual in Trello). That way, you can easily schedule your tasks and track their deadlines.

trello timeline

To get started with this option, click  ➞ Settings ➞ Link Due Date to➞ Not linked

Trello colors in Google Calendar

Another convenient new feature allows you to see the same event colors in your Google Calendar as in Planyway. In this example, we’ve used some green and yellow labels in Trello. With this feature enabled, the green and yellow events in Planyway are now the same colors in Google Calendar, too.

trello google calendar

To enable it, select Set event color in Google Calendar: ➞ same as Trello label when setting up Google Calendar sync. If you’ve already enabled synchronization, you’ll need to stop and restart it to activate this option.

Trial period extension

We haven’t finished the payment process yet, so your current trial period will be automatically extended by 15 days, giving you a little extra time to enjoy using Planyway for free.

P.S. A gift from our partners 🎁

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